About Us

Where fashion is all about happiness, empowerment, and freedom!
Sun Whispers is a fashion boutique designed to satisfy
your inner fashionista and trigger awareness for a better world.

We created Sun Whispers with lots of love and care,
taking the time to make sure YOU are always happy and satisfied, whether it's with the latest fashion trends, hottest products (Dresses, rompers, sets, jackets, coats, bathing suits, activewear, and loungewear), best quality control and, our out of this world customer service!
While giving back to those less lucky, helping them create a happier, brighter present and future.

We stay true to our values and goals!

Our main goal here at Sun Whispers is;
To make the world a little bit brighter!

We hope you enjoy shopping, learning and being active with us!
Don't forget to stay in touch!